So I heard something the other day on the radio that truly spoke to me. And that was:

“When you hear about a plight in the world, as Christians, that is our call to begin praying for it.”

Wow. How many things have I heard about over the years that I thought were terrible or needed fixed or changed? And I thought to myself “Well, I’m doing the best I can and I alone can’t fix everything. I have my own calling from God and I need to follow that.” And while I still think that’s true, I also think that we all need to be praying for the things that we hear about in this world. Abortion, child soldiers, wars, riots, hunger, natural disasters, and so much more. Breaks my heart, truly and I know I need to be in prayer about these things, and also teaching my children to be praying for them too.

I am truly thankful that God has placed the large things on my heart, as well as the small things.


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