Tag Blanket


So, recently, my sweet baby girl has, instead of playing with toys, blankets, or stuffed animals, flips them over until she finds the tag and sucks on it like CRAZY! So I’ve been wanting to make her a tag blanket. Today, I finally had the supplies and opportunity. I didn’t have to buy a THING! But in case you do you will need :

3 spools of ribbon (various sizes, colors, textures)

2 receiving blankets (I have several which were really too small to use for a baby anyways or you can get two same size pieces of cotton fabric in different textures if you want which was my original idea. Also, make sure you have pre-finished edges which is where the pre-made blankets come in handy)

sewing machine



First, I cut my ribbon pieces. I decided it was best to loop the ribbon so they are all about 5″ long.

Then, I pinned the ribbons on the inside of one blanket. (I’m a little anal retentive so my ribbons had to be symmetrical in distance and color). I pinned each ribbon into place.

Third, I ran a simple stitch around the blanket, removing the pins as I went.

Last, I pinned the 2nd blanket to the 1st, plain sides in and ran another simple stitch around the edge. Et voila!


I would say there could be lots of variations on this depending on your skill level with sewing. I do NOT recommend fabric glue since baby will be sucking on it.

Happy Sewing!


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