The joys of being a mother…


I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I must also admit that was never really worried about being “good” at it. I’ve always been confident that God had in mind for me to be a mother. 

I always had a fear, however, that we wouldn’t have kids. My parents had problems conceiving and I just thought it would soften the blow if I acknowledged early that it may not happen for us. My husband and I talked an awful lot about it and we said that we knew God had in mind for us to be parents, but we didn’t know what that would look like – natural children, adoption, or mentoring of kids. 

Well, in 2011 we were blessed to find out that we can have children. Noodle Nugget is the most wonderful little blessing to have ever graced our lives. I love being her mommy. She lights up when I get home from work each day. She reaches for me when other people hold her. She laughs at all my silly songs. She’s beautiful and wonderful and I am so happy to be her mom.

In the last few weeks, too, I’ve become more aware of my role as “Mentor Mom” to my students. I’ve had one student for 3 years now whose home life isn’t the best, but she’s willing to tell me everything – yes EVERYTHING. Sometimes, I wish she would just come in my room and do her work, but every time that I listen, I know I’m doing something for that other adults aren’t willing to do. So I listen. I give advice. I make sure she’s making good decisions. The other day I told her I was about to tell her something that would make her mad. She said “That’s ok. I know you love me and want what’s best for me” BINGO! Every day I get the opportunity to parent her.

And not just her. I have had an increased number of students talking to me about everything under the sun. And I’m honest with them. I tell them that they can’t be short sighted with their decisions. I tell them what I think of who they are dating, how they treated their parents or a friend, or that they need to be more serious about their studies. Not my place you say? Well, I have a unique opportunity – since I keep my students for 2-4 years, I have an opportunity that few others have to get to know them and their family situations. And since we have lots of conversations, I also get to know a lot about their lives. I take that opportunity to do the best I can to influence them and do what I always told God I would do – be a parent in whatever way He gave me the opportunity.

I love being a mom. I know it is the greatest Kingdom Work I can do. 


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  1. This makes me even prouder of you than I already was. I cry as I read this because your Kingdom Work isn’t just with your “Noodle Nugget.” Its with every kid who ever stepped over the threshhold of your classroom. Christ’s love is shining through you, through your listening ears and through your beaucoup de mots francais!

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