New Job


In 15 short work days, I am  getting a new job. It’s a job I’ve wanted for a long time. It’s a job that I never knew would fulfill me. It’s a job that some people don’t consider to be important. It’s the best, hardest, most demanding, most rewarding job in the whole world. In 15 days, I get to become a stay at home mom. 

My heart is just so full of joy and my little brain is just so full of PLANS!! as to things that I get to do with my little girl. French Fridays – complete with French toast, French braids, and French fries et bien sur nous allons parler FRANCAIS! Letters of the week. Baking days. Walks. Swimming Lessons. Seriously, I could just cry. I’m so amazed that this time in my life has come. 

I think part of why it seems so crazy is because in some respects, I’m just a kid. Or at least I would say that’s how I felt right up until I found out I was pregnant. I haven’t felt like a kid in a while. Maybe because I’m breastfeeding so I always have a responsibility, and no days off. I feel much more mature now that I have a child. Amazing. 

Another reason it’s crazy is because I really do love my job of teaching. I love my students. And I have had the nicest comments since I told them I resigned. But it’s not everything – a paycheck isn’t everything. 

It’s late. I’m not exactly tired, but I am rambling. I’ve just been wanting to write about my joy at getting to stay at home. Lemonade and I are going to have the best time!


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