The Decay of Western Society


I am now going to offend some people.

1) Explain to me why yesterday I saw a billboard with 2 people probably in their 60’s as an advertisement for plastic surgery reading: Look your very best. Really? How about ACTUALLY looking your best? How about actually looking your age? How about wearing all the lines and wrinkles you have earned PROUDLY? How about WORKING HARD and LOOKING LIKE IT until the day you die? How about we try honoring the aged in our society instead of trying to “fix” them and make them more “in”?

2) And while I’m ranting about plastic surgery, may I just say that it makes me SICK to think of the amount of money people spend in this country to get nipped, snipped, and tucked while there are children all over the world whose lives could literally change social classes from a very simple surgery that they cannot afford. And we call ourselves a civilized nation? What exactly about that sounds civilized?

3) I have a friend who is in med school. He told me that you have to score towards the top on your boards to be a plastic surgeon. Thus they make the most money. Well, if you look back at rant #2 about children needing simple surgeries and say to yourself “well, if they score the highest on the boards they must be pretty stinkin’ smart” then you would also realize that if #2 wasn’t a problem, then these same people would have free time to actually do some good in the world (i.e. preform those simple surgeries) instead of charging thousands for a woman to have her belly snipped and her boobs lifted for thousands of dollars just so she can feel, ya know, better about herself.

4) Which brings me perfectly to #4 where I have to tell you that as a new mom, I am PROUD of my body. Does it look the same as it did when I was 18? Nope. IT LOOKS BETTER! I burn TONS of calories a day breast feeding. I lost all of my pregnancy weight in about a week and have dropped from there. I have that (apparently) desired gap between my thighs. Because I’m still breastfeeding, my boobs look fabulous. And I can eat pretty much whatever I want and don’t work out. Frankly it DISGUSTS me when I read on pregnancy chat boards about women who are going to “fix everything that the baby ruined” after the baby is born. How about this: how about you teach your child to love themselves? to see past the exterior? to be proud of what they have gone through (see #1)? to have a work ethic to cut the weight? to put someone else’s needs/wants ahead of their own (i.e. breastfeeding)? How about instead of taking the easy road, you enjoy the journey. You take pride and pleasure in yourself. You teach your children to do the same.

Now when I rapid fire lamented these things to my husband after seeing the billboard, he spoke kindly to me and said, ” We live in a fallen world. It’s just sad what people think is important.”

He was right. It is sad.


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