A God of Details


A few weekends ago, some of our good friends visited for the weekend. They are missionaries in Kentucky and live about 8 hours away, so we don’t often get to visit. On Sunday morning, we had a devotion time together and read through James 1. There is a LOT in James so our discussion varied on a lot of topics.

One of my personal favorites though was that a lot of times in our prayer life, we neglect our day-to-day worries, concerns, thoughts, etc. We think “O, that’s too big/small/boring/crazy/hectic/mundane/monotone/whatever for God” or maybe it’s more like “Well, it’s so everyday, why would we even talk about it?”

I can especially relate to the latter. I feel like with my new career path, that I often lack exciting things to talk about. Sure, I could talk about Lemonade till everyone I knew was throwing up from sheer disgustedness. I could talk about health food and cooking, but no one I know is dying to hear about it. So I don’t feel like I have a lot to talk about. So I guess I really relate to that one. Why would the God of the universe care about my same-old-same-old day-in-day-out life?

The God of the universe cares about whatever YOU care about. Doesn’t that strike you as incredible? I care about my marriage and spend a significant amount of time praying and thinking about it. God cares about my marriage. I care about my daughter. I spend almost as much time praying and thinking about her  as anything else. God cares about my daughter.

Well, of course, those are easy. God HAS to care about those things. Those are big things, having an impact into unforeseeable generations that will potentially spread all over the earth in a way that only God himself could orchestrate. So of course, God cares.

But what about student loans? What about having too much month at the end of your money? What about what to have for dinner, where to go on vacation, whether to buy or lease a car, change apartments, plant a garden, or what television shows to watch? These seem like such lack-luster things about our lives and yet  I assure you that God cares because you care.

Just an example of this is something that happened to me today. My husband and I like to eat all-natural and organic anything-we-can-get-our-hands-on. As my niece puts it “You sure do cook a lot” but I like to be in the kitchen taking care of my family that way. We all have special (and different) dietary restrictions, so I like to choose the best products. 

We’ve recently relocated to a big city and the prices at the grocery stores are just insane. Everything is in season, and still costs about 3x as the farmers market prices. I can only imagine what the prices will look like come December. Our grocery budget will quickly be out of control, and we will not be able to put as much attention towards our other big prayer concern – student loans.

Anyways, it’s funny to me how things weigh on you and you don’t even notice sometimes until they are gone. Today, I was at a farmer’s market to pick up livers (mmmmm) and happened upon an organic stand. I’ll be honest – at first I was like “I just want to get out of the rain, let’s move this along” but a boldness came across me and I was like “hey do you have a website? would you like one” and REALLY long story short, I came out with a deal to keep us in organic produce for the next couple years. 

This weight was just lifted from me. I was like giggling and almost jumping through the puddles. I didn’t even know I was worried about it but all of the sudden I was like “whoa, I can feed my family this winter” which I know is a little dramatic but oh my goodness, the grocery bill was going to cost us a fortune. I guess I was worried about it. I care about what I feed my family. 

So, because I care about what my family eats, God cares about what my family eats. And he found a way to provide for us! Praise the Lord!

I even got in the car and there was a great song on the radio :

“Our God is greater, Our God is stronger. God you are higher than any other, Our God is healer, awesome in power, Our God. Our God.”

Our God IS bigger than any of our day-to-day worry or monotony. He will provide. He always does. 



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