The Purpose


So the original purpose of this blog was to talk about wifely (and thereby motherly) type things and I think that mostly I just talk about things that bug me (I wish that read “things God has placed on my heart” but I think that would be generous for some situations). Anyways, I’ve been reading a lot of mommy blogs lately. I’ve also been reading a lot of Christian marriage and parenting blogs. 

Interested to find out what I learned?

I’m awfully hard on myself. I feel like if I’m going to take the time to blog, it might as well be worthwhile. But frankly no one reads my blog. So, I guess I can be easier on myself and just share and maybe educate (hey, I’m still a teacher in here somewhere). 

So hopefully, I will be able to lighten up a little and then this won’t feel like a chore. 


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