The Loss (of an appendix)


Almost 2 weeks ago, I had a SURPRISE appendectomy. I just want to share the finer details of this experience.


I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. (Note: when my other bff got married, I had a 3 week old, so it had its own craziness, so I was really looking forward to this wedding and getting to enjoy it with my family). Anyways, I just felt “off” the night before, but it was that time of the month so who feels “on”?


Anyways, Saturday, while getting ready, I felt worse and worse and worse. But you know that belly ache you get when you haven’t eaten? I swear that’s what it felt like. And every time I would eat something, I would get some relief, so surely that HAD to be it.


But by the time it was time for pictures, I was ready for a nap. Which didn’t help. Ceremony time? I could hardly stand. O don’t get me wrong, no one outside the wedding party (and probably just the girls) knew anything was even wrong. I put on a great face and was “super” bridesmaid. I don’t mess with people’s wedding joy. 


Something overcame me during the ceremony – I just got hot and thought I would pass out. Then my dress felt too tight and I wanted to pass out. I couldn’t pick up Lemonade anymore – my belly just hurt too much. 


By the time we made it to the reception, I was no longer walking upright. As soon as we were announced, I was in the fetal position in the bathroom with my dress unzipped because it was the only thing that brought relief. The bride was sitting with me in the lobby while I got a change of less tight clothing. 


That lasted 10 minutes and 3 bites of dinner.


Then, I left to go to bed. In the back of my mind, I knew something was wrong, so why I didn’t just go to the ER, I’ll never know. Probably because I was worried about nursing the baby. But she was fine, so I worried for nothing.


I made it about another 45 minutes and by then didn’t want to go to the ER simply because I didn’t want to get out of bed and walk downstairs. But nonetheless I went.


It was a great night – super slow ER so I was in a bed in 10 minutes. 


And with all the horrible things it could have been, it was just my appendix. Quick surgical fix. DONE!


Bad news was that I couldn’t pick up the baby for 2 weeks. No coaching volleyball for 1 month (so I had to quit). No baby in the carseat for a month. 


Good news was that this happened before we swtiched health insurance and even my follow up was covered. Better news was that with removing my appendix, they also removed a huge potential health risk. 


God’s timing is BEAUTIFUL. There is no way to not see his abundant grace throughout this situation (and all the situations) of our lives.


So now, I’ve been released. I’m picking up Lemonade again. It’s exhausting, but we’re both happy. Because I was diligent in my pumping – even at the hospital – I was able to go back to breastfeeding, although since she’s 1 now, we’ve also added whole cow’s milk.


Thank God for my parents, who while my hubs works a ton, have helped with all the day-in-day-out stuff and baby chasing. I couldn’t have done one day of this without them. They are currently on a well-deserved mini-cation at their friends’ house and it’s my first day home alone with all the house work and baby chasing. I have help coming so I don’t pass out from exhaustion. My mother-in-law also came to clean for the birthday party (yes, in the midst of all this, our little girl turned 1! and I’m also thankful the party was planned for a week later than her actual birthday). What a wonderful family I have and am SOOOO thankful to live closer to them.


So the loss of my appendix has been evidence of the abundant blessings in my life and how God holds us all in the palm of His hand. How people choose not to see him is beyond me. 


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  1. Wow what a time you’ve had! I’m glad you are home and recovering. It’s so hard having a baby and getting sick or injured. Thank God you have family nearby and friends to help out! That makes things a little easier. When I sprained my ankle I felt so guilty not tending to Henry’s every need, especially holding him, but I had great help and required the rest. It all worked out for good. 🙂

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