I have been extremely humbled this week in a number of ways. Humility is not something that comes easy for me. In fact, if you were to go into my former life of teaching, my students would recall me complimenting myself of my awesome teaching skills and how smart and pretty I was (am). And my sister constantly adds when I make a comment about myself : “And humble too”. This picture pretty much sums it up:



So, I struggle with humility. Or at least it would appear. Mostly, I think I’m being humorous. Certainly, it could appear arrogant, so I would like to work on that. 


But I do experience true humility in my life.


Like on my very last day of teaching school, my students had snuck into my room and decorated it all up and then planned a party for my going away. To top it off, i received the kind of notes and farewell letters, that as a teacher, you hope to receive “one day” as if that will be the marker that you truly made a difference. I have all of those notes, and even thinking of them right now, I tear up a little bit. The reality that I had made an impact in the lives of people who are still in those beginning phases of figuring themselves out, it’s just unimaginable the depth of their hearts.


Humility – having to ask those closest to you to help you bathe, take care of your child, or do very simple tasks because of one surgery or another. Seriously. I joke that to have been a bridesmaid in my wedding, you had to have helped me shower after my wrist surgery when I could only use 1 hand. 


But my favorite example is this week: we were blessed with a lovely surprise by some people who admire what we are doing – living off one income while I stay at home. They also admire that we are willing to live differently (multi-generational co-habitation blog to come) to pay off all our debt as quickly as possible. Calling to thank someone for believing in you is a humbling experience. 


And humility is really something that comes out everyday in much smaller ways, especially since it is imperative to humble ourselves before the Lord so that we may grow in His grace and His specific call for each one of us. If I am also arrogant in my own abilities, I will miss the opportunities to grow my heart for the Lord’s work. 


I am thankful for big acts of humility so that I may truly learn through the smaller acts of humility.


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