1st Birthday


Our Little Lemonade turned 1 back on August 23rd. With my surgery, I am so thankful that we had planned the party for Labor Day weekend.

On the menu – Eggplant Pizza and Zucchini Spaghetti both with homemade pasta sauce. Big green salad. Homemade almond butter and salsa for appetizers. And for dessert? No, not birthday cake. Almond flour fruit cream pies with peaches and blackberries. YUM! I didn’t get pics of the food, but the recipes all came from the Primal cookbook or Mark’s Daily Apple or the Vitamix cookbook. Everything was a HUGE hit, but we way overplanned on how much people would actually eat, so we have exorbitant leftovers.

Activities – outdoor games like cornhole, washers, lawn darts, frisbees, and a bonfire after baby bedtime.

Gifts – Hubs made Lemonade a toy box which is GORGEOUS (I did the letters). She also got a wagon, some clothes, and a few toys and books. Just the right amount of things and all stuff she LOVES!

All in all, I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. I was most nervous about the menu and the amount of prep work, but Hubs makes my life so easy sometimes and took care of EVERYTHING. We were doing some shuffling right before meal time, but we ate right on time. Impressive. I was also nervous people wouldn’t like the food. On the contrary, I think everyone really enjoyed it and appreciated that we put our hearts into it.

Anyone else have grain-free or WAPF birthday party ideas? We have to do this again next year, and I am already thinking ahead!


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