Our Love Story Part 1


So we are coming on 5 years that I have known my husband, and when we get to these milestones, I like to reminisce over our time together and how it is that we came to be husband and wife. It’s been a crazy five years, full of grace and lots of growth.

5 years ago, Hubs and I were both Juniors at a small university in North Central Ohio. We had never met, didn’t run in any of the same circles (although at a small school, our circles were never far away). I had heard about Hubs because his roommate for Junior year was a friend of mine from High School and Hubs had traveled to Peru, so all I knew was of a roommate who had gone to Peru and how cool that was.

One of the first weeks of school, I went over to visit my friend from High School and do my thing – which is to give unsolicited advice. As I recall, he had a “big date” and I needed to help him pick out a shirt. Well, I was enraged at the state his closet was in – metal hangers! When his roommate came in (Hubs), I, being the boisterous lady I am, insisted that he take my side in the hanger argument. Then I proceeded to throw open his closet and find *gasp* more metal hangers. Well, I simply couldn’t stand for this, so I went and got some plastic hangers, and gave them to my friend, leaving on his roomie’s desk with a note that said “To start off your collection” and left it at that.

A few days later, I had a friend request on facebook from someone I had never met (I was sure). Since he had left SUCH a lasting impression on me, it only took us a week of back and forth joking for me to realize that he was the roomie and that I had no idea what he looked like.

How does Hubs eventually catch my eye and my heart? Find out tomorrow! (And if you already know the end, don’t ruin it, ok?)


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