Our Love Story Day Two


So I bet you’re thinking after Day One that we fell madly in love? But there’s a lot more to the story.

For a semester, we occasionally saw each other – lunch every once in a while with a group of people, passing each other on the way to class, harmless things. But there are two events that stick out in my mind:

1. One day, I passed Hubs in the parking lot on the way to class and he offered me a chai latte (which apparently he didn’t like? I don’t know…) and I was SOOOO late for class I just yelled NO! and walked away. After which, he thought I was mad at him and I couldn’t remember the event.

2. We were having lunch one day and I was wearing a blue sweater and since i have blue eyes, it tends to make my eyes look really fierce.Hubs told me I had really pretty eyes, only he wasn’t looking at my eyes so much as my “sweater”. He has yet to live this one down.

So this continued for a semester. When it came time for finals week, I turned 21. All of my friends were supposed to come out with me for a couple hours just to celebrate but since everyone had work, everyone bailed at the last minute, except for my 2 best friends and Hubs’ roommate. When i was lamenting this sad turn of events, Hubs jumped up from his studying to come celebrate my birthday. Later that week he came out AGAIN to celebrate the end of finals and my birthday. I even went ahead and invited him to come to see Christmas lights at the zoo with us, but he thought it was weird to drive across the state with a girl he didn’t know when he was dating someone else. I can see his point….

O yea, there it is. He was dating someone else. But that’s ok. I didn’t like him – yet.

But wait, how do we get together? Guess I have you on the edge of your seats now….Until tomorrow!


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