Top 5 Reasons I Love Farmer’s Markets


We are planning on spending some quality mom/baby time at the farmer’s market this morning while Hubs works. Here is my list of things I love about farmers’ markets. Come back next Saturday for my next list.

5. The crazy conspiracy-theory-guy.

It’s not a trip to the farmer’s market without someone wanting to tell you a story. And the best story I’ve heard yet is a guy who believes the Earth is wobbling due to a comet that is bigger than the Sun (hence a stronger gravitational pull) is passing through our Solar System, which is does approximately every 3600 years (remember Noah’s flood? yeah, it’s from this comet). Anyways, it just makes me feel so *sigh* assured of my faith in the Lord.

4. The interesting tell-you-everything-I-know-about-what-I-am-selling-guy…

But he can’t answer any questions because he has only rehearsed his shpeel. “You know we use real sugar in our product. You know why? Because your body knows what to do with sugar. But not with corn syrup.” “So, you don’t use rapadura or stevia?” “Uh, well, you know, sugar does this in your body….”

3. The organic produce.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a food snob. I like organic produce. I think it’s better for my family. I think it’s better for the environment. I think it’s better for farmers. And I truly think it tastes better. I don’t like that it costs more but I understand why. So I like making friends with organic farmers and getting good deals.

2. The people excited about produce.

So I met these people at a market who have a small farm that they started for fun and to feed their family and have decided to sell it other people. They talk like their sweet potatoes are works of art; like their romas are symphonies. These people get the depth of food.

1. The little gems and surprises.

Like Goat’s Milk fudge. Or the kid who will carry your meat to the car in the pouring rain.


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