The Great Preservation of 2012


We love fresh and whole foods. So every year, we step out a little more. I’ve never really gotten into couponing because of the kinds of things we have to eat for Hubs condition, so we try to do little things out of the garden. Last year was our first year having a garden. So we froze beets, zucchini, and ate everything else.

This year, our garden was a pretty monstrous flop. We moved and bought our plants late and have crappy suburbian soil. So, we were worried.

Then the craziest thing happened – we found a gruff looking guy who sells organic produce for approximately $1/lb no matter what. He will even give us a “lug” of tomatoes “straight run” out of the field for $00.25/lb. So with all of that in mind, we decided to bite off quite a bit this year.

So far, we have made 57 quarts of tomato sauce. 17 quarts of salsa. We have shredded, cut, and frozen beets, carrots, zucchini, 3 kinds of peppers, peaches, and blackberries as well as kale and beet greens, a few broccoli and green beans. I will do more beets, more greens, and hopefully get my hands on tons of squash and sweet potatoes.
Wow. We literally went and bought a new freezer to help with this project and it’s already way over it’s way to full. FULL! O my goodness!

It’s just amazing. But it’s been a fun process of learning and seeing how much we can jam into our 15 cubic foot freezer (since all of our other freezer space is already CRAMMED!)

My first batch of sauce ever. Cooking and then ready to freeze.


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