My Top 15 Go To Meals


We all have the stress at the end of the day – what to have for dinner! And I seriously was just thinking to myself  “People who think to set out meat to thaw are amazing to me” because I’m home all day and can’t get stuff set out in time sometimes. When I have a written menu or meal plan, I do infinitely better but right now I have so much produce and meat in the freezer, I feel like menu planning is an unnecessary chore. So, a girl like me has go to meals. I would consider most of these to fall under the “primal/paleo” category, but based on specific dietary restrictions, you may not agree. None the less, they are all tried and true and YUMMY! And these are no particular order because I’m tired. O and they are a little summery since that’s what I’m still in the swing of, so I guess I will have to do this post again in January.

15. Bison Chili – recipe in Primal Blueprint

This uber yummy chili can be done with 2# of ground bison or 1# bison and 1# ground beef or if you are like us and too cheap to buy bison most of the time, just beef. The secret ingredient? 2 slices of bacon. YUM! And this ain’t yo’ momma’s chili with the tomato juice and kidney beans. This recipe has you cook down tomatoes in beef stock for a hearty and delicious meal perfect for this cooling weather. Garnish with some cheese, sour cream, or avocado and oh my goodness you’ll happily eat it for a week.

14. Egg Caserole – recipe same as #15

This is super easy to make ahead for breakfast or lunch or for company. It’s easy to double or triple or whatever. So easy – zucchini, sausage, and eggs, bake for a half hour and voila. It’s pretty much quiche without the crust. If you want, garnish with a little mozarella and you have something you can eat fresh or pop in the microwave for 30 seconds.

13. Breakfast for Dinner – you know what I’m talking about

Who has time to cook bacon first thing in the morning? So have breakfast for dinner! You have more time for the bacon, the special almond flour pancakes (something like this), dippy eggs instead of scrambled, maybe some fried potatoes and you have quite the meal.

12. Zucchini Spaghetti or Lasagna – same as #15 again

At least that’s where I got the idea, but I must say, I’ve worked pretty hard to prefect the process. 1 mandolin, homemade sauce, and I have beautiful spaghetti or lasagna without any grains. YUM!

11. A Chicken – Nourishing Traditions

I put a whole chicken in a crockpot submerged in water with a back, some feet, a few veggies and some apple cider vinegar and not only do I have dinner tonight but I have approximately 3 quarts of stock tomorrow. And I use my stock for…

10. SOUP! – me, inspired by Vitamix, Primal Blueprint, Nourishing Traditions, and friends

So since it’s fall, we’ve been taking our stock, throwing cooked veggies in with it, and turning the Vitamix on high until it’s hot soup. Tonight was leftover squash (acorn I believe) and sweet potatoes. Man was it deeeeee-lish.

9. Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies – Her’s are the best

I realize this isn’t a meal, but with the protein from the nuts, it could be a great hiking snack. And this doesn’t make me miss cookies because they are so soft and chewy. (She does recommend making the flour in the food processor but I don’t think the meal is thin enough, so I would say buy almond flour or use the Vitamix if you have one).

8. Veggie Fry – me again

I take sweet potatoes as the base and pretty much whatever else is in my fridge or freezer and fry it up in coconut oil. This is typically our meatless meal for the week, which I like to eat on Monday because I think it’s catchy. Looks like a hot mess when you’re done. Seriously so good.

7. Meatloaf – #15 again, or mom’s good old fashioned

Frankly, I still prefer my mom’s with the sleeve of crackers to soak up the moisture but the primal kind is good too. I do have to set the meat out in advance for this so it requires some forethought.

6. Roast – me again

Roast half-submerged in water in the crockpot, fill with veggies and seriously a no-hassle dinner.

5. Hot Heads – inspired by the Southwestern Ohio food chain

Meat-of-your-choice, browned with onions, peppers, seasoned with cumin and garlic thrown atop some basmati rice that has been dripped with lime juice. Top with salsa, cheese, sour cream, avocado, and maybe some tortilla chips and you have just the best meal and it’s pretty fast too!

4. Almond Flour Fruit Pies – crust here 

So I made these for Lemonade’s birthday instead of having a cake. I did the crust in muffin pans for people to have individual pies then I put homemade whipped cream or coconut whipped cream on top and topped with fruit – whatever’s in season. Again, not a meal, but you could make on out of it.

3. Salads – really? don’t think too hard

I love a big old plate of greens with everything on it. Lettuce, spinach, kale, boiled eggs, seeds, nuts, berries, peppers, carrots, celery – whatever’s around. Maybe put some chicken or steak on top, and my favorite, avocados, and you’ll be full till breakfast.

2. Steamed Beets – me again I guess

I love beets. So good. And steaming them takes away any of the earthy flavor so they taste almost sweet. And I know this is a side dish, but it’s so complimentary to so many of the main dishes above. Plus, I love beets. Just peel, cut, and steam. Did I mention, I love beats?

1. Stuffed Peppers – me again, but here’s some actual measurements if you’re one of those cooks

Brown meat while cooking some rice (I always use basmati because it’s super fluffy). Mix both with sauce and some seasoning, Fill cored peppers and bake for about an hour until the pepper is soft. I always serve with a side of rice. MMMMMM



What are some of your go to meals that are no grain and low in dairy?



Happy Cooking!


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  1. i really like that avocados and beets are your favorite. i would say who are you and what have you done with my sister, but i already know the answer to that…the husband…

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