For The Win


I can’t say whether or not we all have days like this, but I would believe that for the most part, we do.

So God pretty much rocked my socks off today. I was OFF. Like way off. Ask anyone. And grumpy. Because I was off. So this morning instead of going back to bed between breakfast and church as I usually do, I spent time doing this Respect Study I just haven’t found any time for in the last 2 weeks.

It was about judgment and not judging others. And I was like whoa. Ouch. Let me think about this some more.

Get to church. Sermon? About judgment. Especially in your closest relationships. Like marriage. Ouch.

Then I had helped pick the communion music just based off songs I like because sometimes that’s how I roll. And it was “Jesus Friend of SInners” by Casting Crowns and “In Christ Alone”. Listen to them. In that order. Realize that I picked them pretty much out of thin air.

So after realizing how freely I pass judgments on people, getting knocked on my butt about it not once, but twice, then hearing a song about being the one with the plank and leprosy, and then being reminded of Jesus’ sweet grace because I can only be whole in Jesus.


I don’t think I can’t put it all into words here; it’s just the only thing I could think about to blog about.

Jesus Rocking My Socks Off For the Win.


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