Nightly TV


So Hubs and I haven’t been much for TV watching since we’ve been married. We actually didn’t have a cable package and couldn’t watch anything for the first year or so we were married.

Then we got Netflix through our Wii and watched stuff on Instant Queue. Hubs doesn’t really like watching TV – he doesn’t feel like he does anything worthwhile and you just get sucked in. Plus we thought when we didn’t have it that we could always challenge ourselves to do something else for entertainment – winery, walk, visit friends, whatever. We weren’t always great about it, but we had nothing to fall back on.

We got a digital antenna for Christmas last year and since I was nursing a couple hours a night, I picked a nightly line up to occupy my time.

Now we live with my parents (see this post) and they’ve always watched more TV than us. Mom’s home alone a lot and likes the noise.

But come on, we almost all have shows we can’t miss, shows we like, and even shows we’ll settle for before we give up.

My can’t miss shows:

Monday – Bones

Tuesday – NCIS

Wednesday – ?

Thursday – Big Bang Theory

Friday – Shark Tank

Shows I like:

Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Reba, Gilmore Girls

Shows I’ll Settle For:

Too many to name

But, I’m excited for the new season. So I thought I’d share my shows. What shows can you not miss? And what do you watch on Wednesday?


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  1. I almost needed FMLA leave when House went off the air. Our must-haves is Bones, a local show called A Taste of History where they cook period meals from the 1700’s and 1800’s, and Family Guy. Close second, and I’m ashamed to admit this, but Dance Moms. We both love that show, which makes me feel better that my super-sargeant loves it too. The stuff I watch when he’s gone (usually a lot during Oct and Nov) is Intervention, Murder She Wrote re-runs, and So You Think You Can Dance.

    I should mention I’m a dance teacher. Also, as a guilty pleasure: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Cut… (hangs head in shame)

  2. I agree with the hubby. And no we don’t all have shows that we cannot give up. There are only 2 shows I really watch and that’s just if my kids happen to be surfing and I see that it is on otherwise I don’t even really turn the T.V. on. I truly believe it just makes you lazy because It is addicting for most people anyways.

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