I sometimes wish my life was a musical. I like to awkwardly and randomly break into song. I like songs that have no other point but to not have a conversation that you’re obviously having. I like dance sequences in the middle of long melodies. I like the topics of songs one can span in one musical. And I like noise and a joy-filled house.


So I think I’m going to work on developing a musical that can get me form the AM wake up call until I fall into my bed all sleepy. I will work on this.


I also need a title


I welcome suggestions. And hold me accountable for getting it done. Ya know, by 2013 or 2014. 


2 responses »

  1. 1. If it can motivate me to get up in the morning, I’m in.
    2. You have to title it after a catchy song in the musical.
    3. I will hold you accountable to get it done by the time I get your scrapbook done…

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