We all love a good countdown. Off the top of my head, I can think of my favorite three easy.

3. 13 Nights of Halloween

ABC family has wonderful countdowns and this one, while I’m not a huge fan of all things dark and spooky is fun because I like the silly kids movies for halloween, like Hocus Pocus and Scooby Doo. Starts soon too.

2. 25 Days of Christmas

ABC Family does it again with an entire month of Christmas favorites. While I love the classics, like Year Without a Santa, I also love the cheesy movies ABC Fam makes themselves. I also like the stretch every year to include Harry Potter. Well done.

1. My Birthday Countdown

1 Month prior to my birthday, I start the countdown. I was born 2 weeks before Christmas so I like to make sure people remember it’s a separate event. Yea, I’m obviously a middle child.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


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  1. Lifetime has equally cheesy Christmas movies for all of December. And they call it Fa la la la Liftetime. Equally cheesy name gives them bonus points.

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