I had a wonderful opportunity to have lunch today with someone who is like an aunt to my husband. Having never been around her much myself, I thought it would be a quick lunch. It wasn’t. We talked through a lot of wonderful and God-filled things. She is a wonderful woman with a bigger heart for the Lord than I could have known without this conversation.


After talking through some tricky thing, I made a statement that has just been running through my head, over and over. 


Just because you’re not getting what you want from God, doesn’t mean you’re not blessed. A lot of people think that because you’re not receiving a raise or meeting a man or getting what they prayed for, means they aren’t blessed. But God is blessing you! It just might be in a different way.


I just pray that this is the message that I believe in my heart to be true, teach to my Lemonade, and to live as an example to other people.


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