Brain Fart Kind Of A Day


Tuesday. Usually the best day because it’s Hubs’ day off. So we get to hang out. And by hang out, I mean me and Lemonade go into his office to bother him as often as possible.


I usually do a lot of stuff like extra cooking and cleaning. We even came up with a master cleaning schedule. Tuesdays mean that besides the usual laundry and dished and cooking, I need to wipe down mirrors. Oo. Don’t hurt yourself.


It’s a kinda fall-y day. Overcast. Cool. Dash of humidity. Wouldn’t you know – we’re starting to get tomatoes on our plants – finally.


Venturing out of my comfort zone for dinner. To-do list is relatively short. Counter is dizzingly messy. Already one load through the dishwasher. Expect two more minimum.


Jamming to Pandora “Showtunes” station.


Just another day in paradise….




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