Hey Girl


For this Saturday’s list, I want to share with you some of my FAVE “Hey (Christian) Girl”‘s from heychristiangirl.tumblr.com Unfortunately the site was down this AM so I couldn’t put the one that started it all on here but here are 14 that I really enjoy…in no particular order…I do however especially enjoy the Ryan Gosling ones. I feel like they are especially clever. I will comment the correct response to these if I weren’t a happily married woman and the man in the picture was actually saying it.



You’re right, I’m practically an old maid.

13. Image

If only I were the walls of Jericho…

12. Image

Yeah, I do know I’m beautiful and I didn’t want you to notice.

11. Image

Yes sir, you just might.

10. Image

Draft that email and when Mark Zuckerberg responds we’ll talk about whether we need our social circle to know of our intentions…

9. Image

I’d rather have Armor of God than shining armor.

8. Image

It is my holy fire. Thanks. I mean, what else are you supposed to say to that?

7. Image

I prefer to donate 1 meal a week to a local homeless shelter to feed actual hungry people. Would You like to serve with me there?

6. Image

Well, you should put your God-given talents to good use…

5. Image

Actually, I’m focusing on my relationship with Jesus right now. But please feel free to seek God and maybe he will bring us together.

4. Image

So would I be the first wife you didn’t love or the second wife you did?

3. Image

If it’s ok with Jesus, then it’s ok with me.

2. Image

You’re such a long-term steady Christian music fan. How could I say no?

1. Image

Would you be willing to go through Prepare and Enrich while we’re still dating?



**Ok so some of my responses are anti-pick-up lines, but I mean, come on, they were asking for it!


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