What I Love About College


Hubs and I are headed back to our alma mater today (yesterday) for homecoming. I graduated in Dec. 08 and he graduated in May 09 and with the exception of a few trips to pick up his bro for this or that, we haven’t really been back. I have always wanted to go for alumni stuff, but I’ve always been coaching or had a new baby and now that we are back in the area, we are THERE! So while we are reveling in the joy of all things Ashland, I am going to try to create a Top 7 Favorite Things About College. Enjoy.


#7 Fat Bar

At our award-winning cafeteria, otherwise known as Convo, there was a sa-weet dessert bar affectionately known as “Fat Bar” which we typically gave up for Lent, to try to lose a few pounds. Anyways, the beauty of eating desserts several times a day gave one lots of options to try yummies, like several new ice cream flavors, different pies, and build your own sundaes. YUM.

*BONUS* When you’re in college, no one is watching you and no one cares so dessert is the name of the game.



Midnight Steak and Shake Runs

So in college, it’s crazy the number of activities that start after 9. It’s the only time of day that most people are not occupied with class so it’s a great time for meetings and practices and other events. The flip side of that is when you play volleyball from 9-11pm, you get HUNGRY and Steak and Shake is always a good late-night option. And again, since you’re playing volleyball at that time the calories are almost negated.



The amazingly small amount of sleep needed to survive.

When I met Hubs, my class and work schedule was such that we only got to hang out from about 11 pm (when I wasn’t at Steak and Shake) until 2 am (the end of visiting hours). Because of my extremely early day starting at 4:45 am, I slept, yes, just over 2.5 hours a day. While I cannot confirm or deny brain damage from almost a semester of doing this, I can tell you that I couldn’t do that anymore. Not even close.



Pulling all nighters.

With a green apple slushie. A bag of gardettos. Then a Diet Coke. And Reese Cups. I think this one is self-explanatory.



The ability to schedule classes around your can’t-miss shows.

Like when I wouldn’t take a Thursday night class so I wouldn’t miss Grey’s. No one let’s you do your work schedule that way. Well except when you’re a stay-at-home-mom.




Man, I would love to walk everywhere in my adult life. Now that we are in suburbia, I get to walk around a lot with Lemonade but it rarely has a destination.



Limitless social circle.

Friends, people, and future colleagues everywhere. OOOOO what a delight. 🙂


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