Funny Freezer Story


So as you learned from a couple older posts (like this one and this one) we 1. live with my parents and 2. like to preserve whole foods. Because of #2, we recently bought a 15 cubic foot freezer which we have filled mostly to capacity.


Ironically, when I was a kid, we also had a freezer. I think it was a 20 cubic footer. We were told as kids to NEVER put anything on top of it. The storage wasn’t on top, it was on the inside!


Since this new freezer has come into our lives, it has more often than not had something on top of it. I have not said anything about this, choosing to, instead, move the stuff to the floor while I need to dig in it and sometimes simply leaving it there as a silent protest.


Today, I found another pile of things on the freezer. On top of this, I found out a can of pop was tucked in the back. I found this because when I opened the lid, the pop fell and spilled.


When I came in the house and was asked what was wrong by mi Madre, I said I needed to think about what I wanted to say.


On my next trip into the house for paper towels I said :

I thought we were NEVER supposed to use the top of the freezer for storage.


That, by the way, wasn’t the best thing to say.


On my next trip into the house, I added:

I understand that the stuff has been a combination of our stuff getting moved around in the garage and now the laundry room being torn apart, but if things are going to get set on the freezer, especially something open and liquid, maybe don’t hide behind everything else.


So that’s what happened today. When the laundry room is back in order, I will clean off my freezer and this shouldn’t be a problem again.


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