How does she know you love her? How does she know she’s yours? Does he leave you little notes to say you’re on his mind? Send you pretty flowers when the skies are grey? He’ll find his own way to show you – little bit everyday. That’s how she’ll know she’s your love.


So the question was posed today from The Respect Dare : How do you receive love from your husband? What are things that he does that tell you he loves you?


So I thought about it, because it said “Dare You” so I had to. My husband is an extremely generous man. He tells me and shows me he loves me everyday. 


How did I know he loved me today?


At 4, when the baby was awake, he got up. No discussion. Just got up and took care of her. He changed her diaper. Walked all over the house with her. 


When he had to wake me up so she can breastfeed, he apologized. 


When I got up with her at 7, he apologized.


When I came back to bed after an hour, he apologized again. 


He told me to go back to sleep. 


He would make breakfast while I slept.


He made delicious breakfast including bacon. 


He put my mirror on my dresser.


He cuddled with me before work.


He went to work.


He called me to hear everything after an appointment. 


He called me at lunch just to hear from me again.


He came home (about) on time.


He told me work stories.


He complimented my dinner.


He cleaned the kitchen and got stuff ready for breakfast.


Now I will get a back rub and maybe a leg rub.



Did Hubs do anything special? Not really.


Did I see how much he loves me?



That’s How I Know


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