Favorite Things About Fall


And for another installment of my Saturday List, and since I went to a fun Trick-or-Treat-Street with Lemonade this morning. Anyways, my favorite things about fall…



I love driving along and seeing all the beautiful leaves changing and watching them fall in the back yard (except for the raking) and listening to them crunching on the sidewalk as I stroller along with the baby.



Everything is pumpkin flavored and while I don’t partake in most options because it would be exhausting to try to find them all, I do love how readily available pumpkin pie is. MMMM.



Nothing exhausts a momma like sitting out in the blistering mid-day sun in July while baby runs around sweating her face off. I love taking Lemonade outside while she searches for acorns and sticks. And I love not sweating my face off while doing it. I could be outside all day.



Along with the cooler weather, we also get to dress in comfy clothes. Scarves come back and warm cardigans. It’s just so cozy and fun.



And all those other cliche yet absolutely wonderful things about fall.


My goodness if I’m not careful, Fall is going to edge out Winter as my favorite season.


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