So I watching some Veggie Tales last night. Lemonade isn’t quite old enough to appreciate it yet but the neighbor girl was over and she wanted to pick something that Lemonade would like too so we watched the Best of Silly Songs Countdown. 


At the beginning of VT films, there is a picture of a cute child and it says “Why we do, What we do” and the neighbor girl was like “That doesn’t make any sense”. So I tried to explain it to her but I don’t think she was listening (it’s ok, I’m a teacher, so I’m used to it).


Anyways, for whatever reason, that has been stuck in my head – the reason why we do things. I know I have LOTS of reasons for doing things:





-making someone else happy


-a holy nudge







But the reason WHY you do something can sometimes I think be overridden but the HOW you do something. For example, I could do an activity – say make sourdough spelt bread because Hubs asked me to – and the HOW I choose to do it is more is more important or just as important as the WHY and, I think, can influence the future WHY?


Does this even make sense?


So my thought is this – maybe I do a particular task for a bad reason – like guilt. But if I do that activity to the Glory of God, next time, I will have the opportunity to 1. choose to not feel guilt and instead feel obligation followed by possible joy and 2. realize that I’m not doing the action to make anyone happy but my Heavenly Father.


So today, I have a lot on my plate. Some are obligations that I have taken on. Some are necessities to keep my house going. Some are good for my health. 


But in all things, I will work to do my best to God’s glory. 


Why I Do What I Do – every day. If it was so easy, there wouldn’t be any other reasons to do things. 

Why We Do What We Do


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  1. Hubs and I talked about this not long ago also! I was feeling really overwhelmed, and told him not only do I need you to help me: I need you to WANT to help me. It changed our attitudes in a second on HOW we treat each other on a day to day basis.

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