Countin’ It Down


So when I started this I thought pssh I can count it on down every Saturday. I have a lot of things I like and don’t like. Haha. I guess I will go with Foods I Don’t Like. Yea, let’s do that.


1. Mushroom

I think it’s the texture. It’s like slimy and solid. And I don’t know. 


2. Ham

Again, it’s a texture issue. And I also hate the smell. And the idea that people serve ham for big dinners.


3. Tomatoes

I’ll eat the sauce, the salsa, but chunks, I can’t do it. Or tomato soup. Part of it is a smell thing. I also don’t like…the texture. 


I never realized what kind of pattern this way….


Now the texture thing is in my head. That’s it I’m done. 


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