Romantic Getaway


Hubs and I decided with all the changes we have had in the last 6 months, that we needed some time to ourselves. So we got a killer groupon, dropped Lemonade off at Grammy’s and headed to Niagara Falls. 


Now I don’t know if you’ve seen the news or weather here lately, but there’s a hurricane which has just made landfall. Well you don’t get to know such things when you book a reservation, get vacation time off work, and all of those things. So regardless of the bleak weather forecast, we headed north and made plans to see and do lots. 


Well, it was cold. It was rainy. And worst of all, it was windy. So our first stop, a winery tour, was soaking. The winery was cool. Wine process was cool. Tour guide? Not so gifted. 


Next stop was supposed to be a walk behind the falls. Well, we were cold and wet and not really looking to get wetter. So we took a nap, had dinner, and then took a shuttle to the casino. 


I’m not a fan of casinos or the thought of throwing money away but having never been to one, we thought we’d try it out. We lost and left pretty quickly. 


Well our shuttle said he couldn’t take us to the falls (even though his little card thing said he did) so we walked. Yes, it was wet and cold. But the wind was at our backs so it wasn’t too bad. Really. And the pumpkin spice latte helped.


The walk back to our hotel was dreadful. The wind was to our front and we had to go uphill. You better believe I fell into bed in our moderately warm hotel room and pretty much fell right asleep. 


In the morning, we almost missed our complimentary breakfast. But I got us up in time (it’s a gift). We toyed with the idea of going to the botanical garden. But we were in no hurry to check out, so we took a nap. When we woke up the weather had gone down hill so quickly, that we decided we would instead head home and try to keep ahead of the storm. 


So we didn’t get to DO a ton, but we rested and relaxed and I think that’s what a vacation is really about. Our Lemonade was happy to see us on our return. And we’re home and laying on the couch listening to the wind and watching the lights flicker, praying for our neighbors on the East Coast who are getting hit much harder than we. 


Good night. 


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