My Fave Things From the 90’s


So I know you’ve missed me this week. I’ve been having a rather important ethical discussion on facebook and have spent most of my time researching that. Someday I will share all of that information with you. I’m already working on how to do it. I also had a great idea for a series for next week. So mostly I’ve been planning ahead which doesn’t give you any information now. That’s ok. I know all 13 of you weren’t missing me too much.


Since “Bring It On” is on ABC Fam this morning, I was inspired to share with you my fave things from the 90’s. I should include pictures but I feel rushed so who knows.


1. Boy Meets World

Who didn’t grow up in front of TGIF wanting a love story like Corey and Topanga’s? Who didn’t think that Topanga was an actual name that you would consider giving your child? I know I did. Although, I think Seester dibbsded it. 


2. Bring It On

O classic cheerleader movie. I hate all of the sequels but the original has spunk and is catchy as heck.


3. 10 Thins I Hate About You

I still choke up when I see it. Ah man. You think, how does she have so much aingst? And how can I be like her? I remember my brother telling me I was the Bianca and Seester was the Katerina. I almost died inside. 


4. Saved by the Bell

Saturday morning TV was the shiznazz and no one can deny it. And Zach Morris was the love of everyone’s life. 


5. Recess

Before you watched your grown up shows you had to get your cartoon fix with some One Saturday Morning. Recess was the best. Doug was also a classic but it was better on Nickelodeon and I didn’t have cable. (I know, first world problems)


Other loves from the 90’s:

-slap bracelets

-stirrup leggings

-Y2K scare

-giga pets

-trampolines in every back yard


We had a pretty great childhood….


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