Why I Use Cloth Diapers – #1


Cloth diapering is very “in” right now but I still get a number of people who look at me like I have 5 heads when I say I cloth diaper.


Using cloth diapers wasn’t even a discussion at our house. I looked up how many diapers the average child uses in a year, priced an off-brand of diapers where I did my shopping, and discovered it would be approximately $1300 to diaper our child for a year. 


If we do some simple math, the 3 6-packs of One-Size pocket diapers we bought cost $110 per pack for a grand total of $330 (free shipping). 


Now everyone says “well you aren’t counting detergent, water cost, drying time, and your time”. Well for the first 8 months of Lemonade’s life, we lived in a house in the country. With well water. Free. Detergent – I buy All Free and Clear for all of our laundry and use it for cloth diapers with a little bit of baking soda and some vinegar. Drying time is cut massively because I use a drying rack for the outsides (and sometimes for the insides too but I usually have waited too long to do wash for that). I have not tallied this bill specifically. 


Just like the other bill you can’t tally specifically – the ecological bill. If your kid wears approximately 10 diapers a day that’s 3650 diapers in a landfill every year. It takes a diaper approximately 700 years to dissolve in the elements. When it does dissolve, it lets out the chemicals it was bleached with, including mustard gas. It also let’s out the fecal bacteria from poopie.


Of course we’re not just saving money on this baby, but we can reuse these diapers for kids to come and replace a few as they wear out. 


So to sum up Day #1 – Cloth diapers save money. We don’t even watch it closely and I know that to be true. If someone was on a tighter budget, they could coupon for detergent, buy less diapers and cycle more or buy more and cycle less, use lower heat for water and drier, use line or rack drying as often as possible, and more. 


Stay tuned. I have more cloth diapers wonderful-ness to share with you tomorrow. 


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