Cloth Diapers – Day #3


So I’ve talked about cost and I’ve talked about the joys of not running to the store every couple days or week or whatever. I would like to include a few pros of the cloth diapering because tomorrow I will go over common concerns and then Friday, I will talk about the basic differences among the cloth diapers.


One of my favorite things about cloth diapering is the fact that children typically tend to potty train faster when they have been put in cloth diapers. Why is that? Well disposable diapers are meant to absorb and wick away wetness from a baby’s tooshie. That way they don’t feel so uncomfortable until their next changing. The new fad too is to put your kid in a 12 hour diaper so you don’t have to worry about changing them all the time, especially if there’s a long nap or a car ride.


But when I put Lemonade in a cloth diaper, I know she is going to feel wet, and she is going to want changed. I know that at a max, I have two hours before she’ll need changed before we get wet clothes and wet bed and wet furniture and…


Ok, so some of you may argue that this is hurtful to my child. Instead I think that she SHOULD feel wet. That’s what is natural. As a matter of fact, kids in over half the world are potty trained by the age of 9 months because they are never put in a diaper and instead are taught to communicate their needs. We don’t do this in the US because of our lifestyles. And that’s ok. But I still think we need to do what’s best for our children, which is to teach them that going  to the bathroom is normal and that they need to know it’s not comfortable to keep it on their skin.


Surprisingly, kids who wear cloth diapers with their skin wet get less diaper rashes. Why? Because I can’t leave her sit in a diaper for too long and her sensitive toosh isn’t rubbing against little wetness and harsh, disposable paper. I can genuinely count on one hand the number of times Lemonade has had a rash and they are all in correlation with teething, nothing else.


So some more frivolous things I love about cloth diapers are how cute they are. I mean, I have plain white but I also have a bunch of fun colors that in the summer were her “cute pants”. I have used the colors instead of ruffle butts for weddings (one where she was the flower girl). There are literally hundreds of colors and patterns among all the different companies. If we lived in a warmer climate, my kid wouldn’t have to wear pants until she was 2 (and potty trained) easily.


I love how soft the interior fabric is.


I love all the different style options and design options.


I love researching cloth diapers (Although I believe that I have the perfect brand for me and my family but that’s for Friday…)


I love how big her little tooshie looks.


I love the one-size because I never have to replace them (more Friday).





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