These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things


A list of surprising things I love about my day:

1. Waking up first thing in the morning hearing “Mama! Mama!”

2. Getting assistance from Lemonade in all aspects of cooking, but she especially loves to stir and hand me useless utensils.

3. Dumping out a bag of play food to play with all day.

4. Kicking tupperware on the floor all day because that’s Lemonade’s favorite cupboard to play in.

5. Taking a shower and having a cup of coffee during morning nap (yes my 15 month old still takes morning naps).

6. The fact that we are still a 2 nap a day household.

7. Putting Lemonade in her high chair and her instantly folding her hands to pray.

8. Watching Lemonade entertain herself while she eats…loudly chomping, loudly licking her fingers, rubbing food in her hair, and attempting to wink.

9. Getting talked into a walk because the baby goes and gets her own shoes and coat and goes to the door.

10. Trying to fit housework into afternoon nap time.

11. Not ever getting housework done.

12. Working on stuff for our business.

13. Making dinner with the cutest sous-chef.

14. Getting in some quality G-chat with Hubs.

15. Reading the same books up to 25 times a day.

16. Spontaneous dance party.

17. Bath times.

18. Actually squeezing in some house work between bedtime and Hubs getting home from work.

19. Spending time with Hubs while he has dinner.

20. Passing out from shear exhaustion in my cold bedroom, snuggled into the man I love.


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  1. “Waking up first thing in the morning hearing “Mama! Mama!”” Ahhh, I have to hear that, but my favorite part of the day too is waking up my girls seeing them smile at me. Thanks for sharing with us!

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