Monkey Madness


Monkey is Lemonade’s faithful bed time companion. Ever since we got pregnant, we have been racking our brains trying to figure out when she started sleeping with this little snuggler (I don’t know what to call it but it’s got a stuffed animal head and a blanket body but it’s very small…) and we cannot remember when this started but since then, they have been inseparable at sleep time.


We have tried to get other snugglers as stand ins, but she rejects them all. We were close with a bunny, but it has a rattle in its head and I think she gets annoyed. Anyways, we have found no stand in.


And until now, we haven’t let her take it anywhere, unless she will be sleeping there. But now that she’s working on self weaning, she’s getting a little more dependent on the little guy. She brings him out of her crib and walks around the whole house with him. She took him to the library story time (she sits much quieter with Monkey. She wants to bring him everywhere – including our lunch walk today.


Our walks consist of feeling the plants at everyone’s lamp posts, looking for dogs, and listening for airplanes. During our trip through the neighborhood, she dropped Monkey and I totally didn’t notice. We were all the way home and ready for afternoon nap before I realized Monkey had gone AWOL.


So I packed up Lemonade and started to drive the neighborhood and searching. I was starting to get a little nervous because I was sure she had dropped it on the 2nd half of the walk and I didn’t find it. Then, I FOUND IT. I ran with joy from the car and saved it from the sidewalk in front of the house where a dog had barked at us from the window and we had to stop and watch.
Hubs and I actually just discussed trying to find a twin for it so we could wash the one we have when she, o I don’t know, throws it in the trash can on our way out the door for a weekend with friends. But we’ve been trying for over a year, and now the tag is worn off and I don’t think we’ll find a buddy.


And I was fine with that. Until the incident today. Now, I think we’re going to have to try to find it.


If only I knew what it was actually called…


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