Why Saturdays Rule, Even as a Mom


So you’d think that since I don’t work outside of the home that maybe Saturdays would be just another day to me. And that’s partially true. But I do love Saturdays. Here’s why:


1. I can wear my disgusting and old college sweatpants out with mismatched t-shirt and no one judges because it’s Saturday.


2. If I don’t feel like making lunch, there is a butcher down the road who does sausage samplings all day.


3. I feel suddenly motivated to clean my house to please my husband before he gets home and is stressed by housework. 


4. I tackle projects like stripping the cloth diapers. 


5. We almost always go somewhere (after I change into jeans).


6. I feel the need to clean the catch-all counter (Which is fantastic)


7. I text my friends who work all week.


8. Lemonade always finds fun things to get into like the DVD cabinet.



OOOOO and I love blogging when I should be cleaning and getting ready for company. HA!


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