Children’s Book


My post earlier on this which didn’t post was probably better. But this will have to do..


So I’m not an expert on Children’s Book, but I think they are supposed to teach our children.


With that in mind, a book of Lemonade’s has me very bothered as of late. It’s a seemingly innocent book about getting ready in the morning. So why don’t I like it?


“You’re too small for basketball.”


What? I just heard “Hey, yeah, don’t even try unless it seems easy.”


“You’re too big to use the swings. You should go to big guy things.”


What? I just heard “Hey fatty, I don’t know why you bother coming to the park. Just go back home.”


So I’ve made a couple comments about this as I’ve chewed it over and Hubs thinks it’s funny but always changes the words for me. Very nice of him don’t you think?


Anyways, it’s bugs me because 1: it’s teaching my kid to judge other people based on their size. 2: because it’s discouraging her from doing otherwise safe activities (note: if the book said like “You’re too small to mine for coal…” I would adamantly agree.) 3:  It just rubs me the wrong way as an underlying message in an otherwise innocent children’s book.


So I don’t think I’ll be reading anymore of the author’s books, certainly not buying them. Grammy does have a copy of her goodnight book which doesn’t have anything offensive but I’m still not pleased.


Anyways, there’s my shpeel for the night.


Front Cover


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