What it takes to be a mom…


Seester and I have a habit…we find articles, email them to each other, then make a one word inquiry like “Discuss” or “Thoughts” or something like that…

This was the article she sent me today.

Why You’re Never Failing As A Mother

My first thoughts are this: Yeah, moms are WAY too hard on themselves. So much is expected of them. Technology makes them feel accountable to people who don’t and shouldn’t even matter. Our kids are up against a whole new world of scary and evil. They have higher pressures to preform and parents take this on themselves. Moms, we need to be less hard on ourselves. We need to acknowledge the good about each day (an exercise Hubs makes me do often when I complain) and take stock in our blessings and always always try to do our best, but not live up to anyone else’s expectations. So I thank her for that.

What I do NOT appreciate is: the dismissal of the accomplishments of our foremothers. (Yes, I made that word up). Our foremothers in the BC era had unique challenges like famines, warring neighbors, and more. Our foremothers in the early AD times had plagues, illiteracy, and more. A hundred years ago, our foremothers still didn’t have vaccines for their babies and easily lost as many in childhood as they got to see to adulthood. In the 40’s and 50’s, the glam time according to the author, women were keeping the country moving as our men were off at war.

Yea, we might have it hard now, but so did our foremothers. Let’s not dismiss this so quickly as they laid amazing ground work for the worries we have today.

Just because we are choosing to take on guilt doesn’t minimize what they accomplished.


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