Quiet Book


I DID IT!! I set out to create a quiet book Lemonade. I did a ton of research. I have approximately 15 books or ideas pinned on pinterest (my mom has another 20). I compiled all the ideas and decided that for the majority of the time she will be using it – church – I wanted all of the learning activities to be based on bible stories. So with the help of Seester, we got a lengthy list of ideas together. There were some alterations made along the way and I could not be more pleased with the final result. I am actually thinking about selling these bad boys, but we’ll see if the crazy bug leaves me. Haha. Anyways, my finished project:

Quiet Book DSCF4247 DSCF4248 DSCF4249

1. Cover

2. Joseph’s Coat – color matching (complete)

3. Joseph’s Coat – color matching

4. Moses’ Basket – weave the basket together

DSCF4250 DSCF4251 DSCF4252 DSCF42535. Israelites Wander – marble maze

6. Noah’s Ark – contains pairs of animals
DSCF4254 DSCF4255 DSCF4256 DSCF4257










7. Noah’s Ark – 6 pairs of finger puppets (most are adult sized because I’ll probably be the one using them)

8. Jonah in the fish – Jonah mid swallow

9. Build Elijah’s Altar – shape matching

10. Build Elijah’s Altar – shape match complete

11. Jesus – puzzle board

DSCF4258 DSCF4259 DSCF4260 DSCF426112. Jesus – the pile of puzzle pieces (18 total – 6x3pc puzzles)

13. Jesus – walks on water (puzzle)

14. Jesus – is born (puzzle)

15. Jesus – is crucified (puzzle)

16. Jesus – is risen (puzzle)

17. Jesus – does miracles  (puzzle)

DSCF4262 DSCF4263 DSCF4264 DSCF426518. Jesus – feeds the 5000 (puzzle)

19. Full Armor of God – labeled parts

20. Full Armor of God – put on


DSCF4266 DSCF4267 DSCF4268 DSCF4269 21. Fruit of the Spirit – tree with leaves and fruit labeled

22. Fruit of the Spirit – fruit on the tree

23. Baptized in Christ – counting beads (10 on each string)

24. God Made Me Special – blank face

25. God Made Me Special – face completed (Can make new features for differing features in our kids)

26. ABC’s

27. ABC’s – matchedDSCF4270 DSCF4271 DSCF4272


Now the part of this I may like the most is that every page is self contained – the activity pieces are held in the page itself. It does make is a little fat in the middle so I am adding some pockets at the bottom and the top of the back of the page before it. 🙂 Also psyched that this can be folded back so one page can fit on kids’ lap.


Well enjoy.


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