Homemade Christmas Gifts


We do a Secret Santa in both of our families with the siblings. I knew I wanted one of Hubs’ bros because I had the best idea for him. He has super sensitive skin. So I planned on making him some personal care items. I DREW HIS NAME! And instantly got planning. I made:

All Natural Lotion Bars – so easy. I did them in the microwave. Total time (after gathering supplies) 10-12 minutes.

All Natural Soap – I bought it from our herd share. Trying it. I really like goat’s milk soap.

All Natural Deoderant – I made some modifications for Seester and I because the original recipe is a little tough when shaving your armpits

All Natural Shampoo – 2/3 water with 1/3 almond castile soap….mmmm

All Natural Conditioner – 1/8 lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or white vinegar with 7/8 water in a spray bottle

Baking Soda – good for toothpaste, face wash, under arm cleaning, and more!


I’m sooooooo excited to give this to him. It’s all good and shouldn’t irritate and AHH I’m so excited. 


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