Lemonade has a pink blanket that was mine when I was a kid. I have a few things that I’ve kept – blankets, jewelry, dresses – things I look forward to passing on to any and all of my girls. I carefully disperse them so if I end up with all girls, then I hopefully have something to go around to all of them.


Well Lemonade has a blanket that has my initials on it from when I was a kid. I ask Maj to put Lemonade’s initials on it too. As we enter that interesting attachment phase, we now no longer can get up from our nap with nothing. We almost always need Monkey and about 30% of the time we need our blankie. The blankie that was mine.


Her favorite thing to do with it – is to wear it on her head and walk around and “accidentally” bump into things. She is a crack up.


As I watched her do this this morning, I seriously had tears running down my face. I thought to myself “My mom watched me do this” and then “O, Lemonade will get to watch her little girl do this”.


I must be in that stage of pregnancy but I couldn’t get over her and this blanket. And I immediately thought to myself that I have (I think) one more blanket that was mine. Then I will have to make my girls blankets. I can’t miss these moments. And I don’t want them to miss them either.


Love my girl. And the peanut.


Life is good.


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