True Life – Stay at Home Mom – Volume 1


So about once a week, I start out a text, email, or instant chat to either Hubs or Seester with “True Life – Stay at Home Mom” to just show that I can’t make this stuff up. I decided that seriously, who doesn’t want to read this stuff? So I will make this a new edition for the blog. [P.S. – I also send “True Life – Marriage texts to Seester about as often because I assure you that Hubs and I have the most epic conversations. So I will do those too, when they are shareable….] On to my daughter…


Today was a day like any other. For whatever reason, when Hubs gets her up and around, she can wait an hour for breakfast, but for Mommy, breakfast must be immediate or we will implode. So we had our juice (which is the 2nd cutest word she says after “nose”), a muffin, and sausage (I should hurry this along or it’s going to take all day….).


So I made Hubs some soup since he’s on GAPS and that’s the stage he’s in. Lemonade LOVES this soup – took her awhile to come around, but now she LOVES it. So when we finished, I poured us each a bowl. When I asked her if she wanted some, I got the usual “Nuh uh” as my response. I told her that Mommy needed to eat so she would need to play. I sat down and she went in the kitchen – which is her favorite place to play so I thought nothing of it.


A few minutes later I hear slurping noises. So I run to kitchen and see my precious child, climbed up in her kitchen helper tower, slurping her soup. So I invited her to sit in her high chair.


When she is in her high chair, there is no need to use plates or even bowls for soup. Everything just gets dumped out on the tray. So immediately upon sitting down, she poured her soup out. No harm, it’s just as easy to eat soup this way as out of the bowl.


Following several pleas for more, Lemonade is covered (still in her jammies) in soup. So I strip her down and I can’t get her get her clean with just a wash cloth, so I decide to throw in the towel, literally. But I can’t give her a bath since I’m not supposed to pick her up.  So I decided we should jump in the shower.
While she is happily arranging the bottles on the floor, she does this:


Yup, she pooped on the floor of the shower.


What could I do? I just laughed. I laughed so hard tears were rolling down my face. So she thinks it’s funny and that it’s play time. No, no dear, we won’t be playing with it.


So I wrestled her into a diapers and some clothes and thought to myself “Man, if you can’t laugh at stuff like this, you will go crazy.”


This is too much, too enjoyable to let anyone else do. I have the best job on the planet; getting to spend day-in-day-out with my babies.


And I know the laughter will keep me young, sane, and looking forward to what she’ll do next.


By the way, this took about 1.5 total hours of my day. She was a trip until I got her to take a nap. Never a dull moment!


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