Top New Baby Suggestions


With Baby H2O on the way, I am going through stuff, purging, and deciding what I need, what I want, and what I really don’t want this time around. Also, I have a SERIOUS influx of people around me having babies. Which I LOVE!! We were getting a little wary being the only one of our friends with a kid. So YAY! Ok here is my list of top recommended baby things:

1. Video Baby Monitors

Nothing says stress-free like being able to see your baby without going in their room and risking waking them up. Video Monitors are GENIUS! albeit a little pricey. But I hear if you buy good ones, they’ll last through many kids (we bought ours used…I know better this time). Added bonus – you will be so used to looking at Baby #1 that when #2 arrives, you won’t want to give that up. Most systems let you add at least one (if not 3) cameras. Peace of mind, check.

(no link because I am in the market myself and have no recommendations. Sorry!)

2. Baby Probiotics

I had a not-so-gentle Pediatrician yell at me in the hospital (seriously) and included the importance of a probiotic for baby. We ran out and did it right away. She told us that she no longer has colic in her practice – seriously, the fussy baby stuff has stopped since she has recommended this to all of her patients. I have a friend who babies #1 and #2 were nothing but fussy and baby #3 got probiotics – not fussy. I won’t lie – the first day is a little rough and the longer you wait to start, you might have a few rougher days. But stick with it! I swear. It has done wonders for Lemonade – she has only run a fever when teething and has had a couple colds and that’s it! Immune system starts in the gut people!

For little baby, express a little breast milk – just enough to dissolve the powder. Mix it with your finger and give it to baby right off the finger or our baby drank it out of the little bowl I mixed it in. Give it at lunch or breakfast or those first couple nights will be sleepless. And the label says to move up at a certain speed – but slow it down if you feel more comfortable. Definitely recommend if you’re using formula. And we graduated Lemonade to a kids probiotic at 1.

I recommend this.

3. “The Happiest Baby on the Block

This guy is a GENIUS. Watch the movie. Do it. He’s right, ya know. About all of it. I don’t need to say anything else but those 5 S’s will save you. If you are a book person, there’s a written version too. But I mean, there’s a movie. So just do that.

4. Swing/Bouncy Seat (or hey, both)

Once you watch the above movie, you will NEED one of these. For the sake of your budget, get a hand crank swing because I hear that the battery powered ones give out crazy fast. And in my experience, the less expensive, simpler ones work a LOT better. We had a Momma Roo that Lemonade wouldn’t even sit in. So just something to think through.

This is our bouncy seat.

And we need to get a new swing. I am borrowing Mom’s for Baby H2O.

5. Glass Bottles

I don’t care what the reviews of Dr. Brown’s or so-and-so’s say – the proven best way for baby to drink from a bottle is glass. I bought super inexpensive glass bottles. They are easy to clean. They don’t break. They heat evenly. I love them, love them, love them.

These are mine. And if you are worried about dropping, you can get silicone wrappers for them (form target, they came with them, but you can’t choose the colors.)

6. A GREAT breast pump.

Breastfeeding is the best feeding. I could do a whole series on WHY but not today. Instead know that your breast pump will have an impact on how successful you are if/when you go back to work and in maintaining your supply when baby isn’t around. Everyone says it and I agree – don’t cheap out, go Medela. I used a single as a double and never had a problem, it just took longer. Saved $100.

This is mine.

7. White noise maker.

This, too, goes with #3 but I forgot then. White noise and consistent sounds at bed time tells baby that no matter where they are, that it’s time to sleep. Great for blocking out the noise of new places, older siblings, or hard-of-hearing grandparents.

This is mine.

8. Co-Sleeper

I know most people use a bassinet when baby first comes home. What I love about this is the size, how it’s connected to the bed, and completely safe and comfy for baby. When breastfeeding, nothing beats having baby right next to you. And we were able to keep Lemonade in our room till she outgrew her co-sleeper at 7 months – probably much before the average baby time. And if you breastfeed the recommended 1 year, that’s a lot of saved steps. It makes you feel safe too to have baby right there next to you.

And if you’re worried about bothering baby when you resume normal marital activities…that’s what #7 is for.

This is the one I have and LOVE!

P.S. Added bonus is that it’s works just like a standard play pen so it can come down and make trips to grandma’s house with you, but I always left mine attached to the bed and bought a pack-n-play on clearance.

9. Cloth Diapers

I know I already ranted about this but from a purely financial stand point, cloth diapering makes sense. Like thousands of dollars worth of sense.

These are what I have.

10. Awesome Blender

Making your own baby food has NEVER been easier. And it’s also super healthy and easy. We make huge batches, throw it in our blender and then use the countless baby food jars that someone at work gave me to freeze them in great portion sizes. People freeze it in ice cube trays. There’s really small tupperware options. And there are whole systems that include steamers, jars and blenders. And there’s new reusable pouches** (which I will be getting when Baby H2O moves to solids). I don’t see spending the money on premade food when I can just use what we’re already eating. (Some people also recommend a food mill ** but I have not used one…also thinking about it for baby H2O but I have the best blender in the world so it’s hard to say that I need a food mill, but it is good for that transition to table food time)

This is the blender I have. (Although I do have both containers…)

11. Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Nothing beats having your little one as close to you as possible. Tons of carriers make lots of promises. But here is what I was looking for – something I could use on my front, back, or hip in several different holds for baby from infancy to toddler-hood that I could handle for long periods of time with a bum shoulder. I was looking for durable construction and gender neutral-ity – not for the baby, but so that Hubs could use it too. Actually, Hubs being 6’5″, our carrier is a little tight but even he can use it for a couple hours. My babies are too long for slings and I don’t like buying a bunch of extras.

This one ended up being a great fit for us!

So that ended up being my top 11. I truly didn’t know how many I’d end up with. But 11 is a nice number. And it’s not too much junk laying around!

~~Please not, I am not being paid for any of these endorsements, nor did I receive free product from any of these companies or providers. These are products I actually use which I either purchased myself or received as a gift. All products I own and use except for those denoted by **.


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  1. I love all you suggestions and had them all on my list, except for the co-sleeper. We are going with a plug in swing instead of hand crank. Is there a positive to crank over plug in?

    • O I didn’t know there was a plug in option! That’s better than crank – never have to worry about it! Good idea. Co-sleeping is the way to be!

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