True Life – Stay At Home Mom Volume 2


This story isn’t funny, but I feel like if I talk about it, it will be funny.


The other day, Lemonade was running around the house – the usual. And I was leaning on the counter looking at something. As she was went past me, she tripped over my leg and landed in a body front sprawl. She immediately started to cry. My girl is a tough girl – she usually cries for 10 sec to a minute, and that’s it. She doesn’t want a kiss to make her feel better – she wants a head butt.


So when my tough girl continued to cry for approximately 10 minutes, I was pretty worried. I hadn’t even looked her over when I picked her up because I thought she hit her knees and that was it.


So I started to look her over. I saw a secondary blood spot, which made me think she had to be bleeding, but I didn’t see the blood. I checked her nose. I checked her mouth. And then I panicked.


Her tooth was chipped.


By the way, she is now done crying and has run away from me making monkey noises because that’s what she does. So when I pass on the information that her tooth is chipped, we have to catch her and try to examine the tooth. Well it turns out her lip is bleeding and now pretty swollen so she certainly wouldn’t let me look at her tooth.


So we have to, gradually, try to examine her tooth so we know if we have to take her to a dentist or ER or whatever. And I’m just feeling worse and worse.


By the time Hubs got home (very late so I stayed up waiting for him even though I wasn’t supposed to) I’m at break down point feeling like a bad parent for breaking my kid’s tooth.


Anyways, she is more than fine. Her thumb sucking is still uninterrupted so the jagged edge must not bug her. No broken tooth. Just a little chip so she’ll just look tough till she loses that baby tooth – hopefully at 4 like her momma so the guilt will fade sooner. I can hope.


Hopefully the image of her tripping and hitting that sprawl will stop playing every time I close my eyes.




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