True Life – Marriage Volume 1


So as promised, I also have stories about my life that are just hilarious conversations that my husband and I have. He is one heck of a funny dude. And he’s so witty when we talk. So this one is for you Hubs, love of my life.


So Hubs’ dad is an avid Discovery Channel watcher, and it’s probably the only channel Hubs would watch, if he ever watched TV. So FFIL (favorite father-in-law) calls to tell Hubs about a show called Alaska : The Last Frontier. In case you have never seen this show, it’s about 3 generations of a family who live on a 600 acre Alaskan homestead and live a subsistence lifestyle – living off the land and making as small of a footprint as possible. So the show documents their efforts and makes it all very dramatic.


Anyways, one of the main characters, Eivin, has a very pretty wife (Hubs doesn’t know what this has to do with anything – as if the other wives aren’t pretty, but she is exceptionally pretty and I think it’s a point to be made). I asked Hubs what he thought this guy said to this beautiful woman to get her to live out in the Middle of Nowhere, Alaska and live on this kinda of rough homestead. And Hubs said “Whatever it was, I’d like to find out”.
I said I could just see him sending an email to Eivin, racking his brain over what he could do to convince his own pretty wife (ya know, me) to live on the Alaskan frontier on a homestead.


This is the email he came up with:


Dear Eivin, I would like my wife to give up Gatorade, Pinterest, and heat, in that order. What did you say to your own wife to convince her to do this? Sincerely, [Hubs]


Anyways, as it turns out, Eivin’s wife grew up on a neighboring homestead and is totally used to this lifestyle, so he probably didn’t have to convince her of very much.


Oh well.


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