True Life Volume 4


As on of my fave bloggers does, I’ve decided to just make Fridays kind of random, because, let’s be honest, how am I supposed to think straight by now anyways? Between a crazy toddler and pregnancy brain, if I can remember how to cook and run a load of laundry, I think I’m doing pretty ok.


So I’ll just break this down by categories:


New Baby (Dozer):

-He moves around all the time. Papa and NeeNee got to feel it this week. Grammy and Aunts and Uncles are coming Sunday so there will be some belly touching. (I don’t actually like my belly being touched, but I try to be accommodating to people who genuinely care.)

-We’ve almost settled on a name. I’ll clarify – I’ve settled, and Hubs is fermenting. I love that Hubs uses words like “fermenting” to describe picking a baby name.

-I teach preschool 1x per week for about a half hour – I teach Spanish and French. Anyways, when I showed up yesterday morning, and this little boy puts his hand on my belly and says “You have a big belly”. And I answered, “Yes, I do.” The teacher heard this and she said “Hey, at least you have a good reason to have a big belly.” Well now all the kids are listening and they all start guessing why – everyone guessed either “baby” or “pregnant”. I said “Yes, I am having a baby!” And another little boy said “Geeze, don’t you already have one? You’re gonna have ANOTHER one?” Feelin’ the love…



-We have been working on potty training. We get to “pee pee” in the potty about once per day. We usually pee on the floor about once every couple days. She gladly cleans this up, then wants to carry around the wet towel or wash cloth. Ew.

-I have the biggest little helper in the kitchen. I should seriously video tape our adventures. It is a DISASTER! She tastes EVERYTHING – including sourdough start (uhm, ok…) and there is not an inch of her or the kitchen which is not covered. But O! we have sooo much fun!

-Her favorite thing to do right now is take a “rower” or shower to us English speakers. She asks at least 15 times a day. But hey, it keeps her busy and I get to relax and let hot water just pour over me. Ahhhh

-And last but not least, at we get closer on the talking thing, we use the same words and sounds for lots of things – for example, “ber” is used to describe cold, my Seester, L’s blankie, and several other things. It’s a delight trying to figure out what she wants. Although this week, we did master “more” and “no”.



-We went to see the Hobbit last Saturday for our date night (finally) and he was sooooo geeked out over it I couldn’t help but love it even more, and I think I may have been able to discuss the events pretty well for a girl who read the series so fast while subbing that I can’t remember a lot of details.

-He keeps requesting coconut flour chocolate chip cookies instead of the almond ones which I prefer. I ended up doing sourdough today, so his cookies will have to be tomorrow.


In my kitchen…:

-Tried a new sourdough bread recipe with twice the amount of sourdough per load. Hoping for a much lighter bread. I have four loaves before I ran out of sourdough. Hopefully this will give us a good taste.

-Starting to run out of kitchen staples that I put up (like veggies) and having to buy more.

-Will be baking a peach and raspberry pie this weekend. Did so two weeks ago and didn’t even get to try it! So I’m making it so I actually can.

-Water kefir is going well. Flavoring is a success. I just have so much of it. :/


In other news…:

-Thinking about selling my quiet books. Thoughts?

– I have a lot of pregnant friends and am thinking about making this as gifts for them. Thoughts?



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