True Life Volume 5


I don’t know where this week went. Seriously. I must have hit a brick wall. Because I needed to nap – sometimes twice – every day. But I also ran around every day. Is this my new found freedom? Or the lack of having any one else’s day or agenda to keep up with? Who knows.


Our sweet boy likes to move really close to my right hip and it feels like he is tickling me from the inside. I laugh out loud. It’s wonderful. Also bought him some clothes on clearance. WOOP WOOP! And the first resale is tomorrow.


Can’t say we made as much progress on the potty training as I had hoped but we’re still going and still interested. My mother-in-law who thinks Lemonade is too young to potty train was here the day she went 3 times!! in the potty. So I was gleaming. Also bought her a super modest bikini. She’s already so tall and I can’t see trying to shove her into a one piece forever but she has to learn that we need to keep covered up – especially as she gets older. So I had found one online and it was going to be over $30 to buy and ship it and I just can’t justify spending money like that. I just happened to be in Target and WAHBAM there was a pretty close match for $14!!! Β And I don’t feel like I had to buy it huge so she can wear it for two summers since I got a deal on it. HOLLA.


We are praying for Hubs at work. He works for a great company and he is an excellent provider. Just hoping that soon he has something that fulfills him more. Also just found him a tall sized (woop woop) winter coat onnnnnn clearance. Score again. He also insisted that I get a coat. Ok, fine twisted my arm πŸ˜‰ It’s been …10 years since I got a new winter coat that I got to pick out.

In the kitchen:

I have been making some DELICIOUS sourdough spelt pancakes in the morning. Had to go find more spelt berries actually. Just got an 1/8th of beef so that’ll be fun to cook with. And I ate Chipotle twice this week. πŸ™‚ My kitchen has been a little extra clean. Haha

In other news…:

Still thinking of selling quiet book.

Started Dozer’s baby book. Got 8 paper cuts.

I’m so psyched that the West Side Market is opening back up.

I think I am going to learn how to kettle render lard.

And tonight is Shark Tank πŸ™‚



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