Most days, I am running on fumes. I can’t remember how to make the same recipe I’ve made for breakfast every day this week, let alone think of something newinsightful, or creative to say. So I just stay quiet. I work more because it’s easier than thinking of something new. I fold laundry even though I hate it. And I read about 4 blogs of people I don’t know personally. That’s it. I am not a “blogger”. No one has ever pinned me. People who follow me mostly know me. And that’s ok. Until I figure out what I’m doing here and why (besides feeling like I get to talk to grown-ups), I’m ok with that.

Part of why I have trouble being so insightful is because, man, there are some DEEP posts out there from people who are really thinking and I’m like “I wrote two blogs about my kids this week and I got fatter…” No. I guess I don’t like filling the blogosphere with more junk when there’s already so much junk out there. (Same with me and writing a book but that’s not for today).

Anyways, I have some blogs to share and I’ll tell you why I like them, in case you don’t feeling like reading them, but I think you should anyways.

Fertility Issues

Haley is really wonderful. I like her because she has such a great approach to being a parent – it’s a joy not a chore and she shares her deep heart for it. She wrote a whole series from the Catholic perspective on the joy of womanhood, including childbearing. She has great insight on family planning, raising your kids, and so much more. Dig through more blogs, but definitely read this whole series on embracing your womanhood and letting God use your body for growing his family. Anyways, I love her.


I saw this as a repost on facebook and immediately got sucked in. I love her CALL and PLEA to Christian families to not ignore the call to care for orphans. Maybe you aren’t meant to adopt, but you still have a call to take care of them SOME HOW. I love how she spoke of it. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Seasons of Life

I have recently met Shanyn through a women’s group we are involved in. She writes really beautifully. What I like most about this post is the kinship I feel to her. When she comments about that “Spirit Nudge” and how she is willing to follow but sometimes He is silent, and she gets to wait and she how He nudges someone else, in this case, her husband. I’m with her on this one, so I thought I’d share.


Anyways, enjoy, in case I don’t make it back before Friday when I just ramble again about my cute kids and Hubs.


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