True Life Volume 6


What a week! Full of just INSANE highs and lows and answered prayers that I don’t remember praying out loud. But life is beautiful. And here I am in the trenches, in the beautiful phase of life which I will most likely never forget and never fully remember. So my True Life run down of the week:


-he had a fast heart rate today but they jostled him pretty well so they think that’s it

-I’m bracing for one heck of a delivery – everyone keeps telling me how HUGE this kid is…and I’m getting scared

-I don’t know what else to say about this kid – I CAN’T WAIT TO HOLD HIM!!


-90th percentile for weight

-97th percentile for height

-no problems and wonderfully healthy girl!

-(and I was worried that she was behind in talking but they only want 10 words) and she can say 10 words for sure! she’s practically a chatter box compared to 10 words

-she is such a wonderful little girl – so patient, so helpful, such a delight

-no news on the potty training front. She did ask to wear undies one day this week but we woke up very upset from our nap and it wasn’t the best idea to continue. She goes once a day and likes me to sing to her until she decides she is done. She only wants me to sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” but it’s only because of the hand motions.


-we went to the Aquarium as a family on his day off…he really likes to read all the signs whenever we go. I love how he still loves to learn

-he made me lime slushies…soooo good. I think I will ask for another tonight

-he has also listened to me blabber on and on and on about my favorite things – women support groups and marriage resources – every night this week and he just signed himself up for another night of it

What’s Up In the Kitchen:

-I can’t say I have been too creative this week in the kitchen

-recipe I want to try: sweet potato chili

-coconut brownies, almond chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries were the name of the game for pregnancy cravings (and lime slushies – YUM!)

-sourdough pancakes are being ROCKED for breakfast….o my goodness YUM

Prayer Requests:

-my brother in law who is in Rwanda, then Burundi with YWAM

-my sister who will be in Haiti with her church

-my sister in law who will be in St Croix with religious life from her college

-for me as I await being a mom to 2

-for what God has me/us doing in the short and long term


And I think that’s all. So full this week. 🙂 Really excited.



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